MMA Bookings is very excited to announce its new association with Rick Bassman's Larger Than Life Management, with an affiliation with CESD Talent Agencies.

The goal of this association is to provide Fighters and Managers worldwide exposure, and to do so in the most “Fighter-friendly” fashion in today’s MMA world. As a free service, MMA Bookings allows fighters to post their profiles on our site to... be viewed. Promotions and MMA Companies can then view your profile and contact you for Fight Bookings, Appearances, Sponsorships, and now with Rick Bassman & CESD on board, you can now be contacted for commercial and theatrical bookings!

To reach the goal of best servicing the Fighter, MMA Bookings offers the greatest resources in the industry today. This new partnership will help take MMA Bookings to the next level, and provide the fighters on the site even more exposure worldwide. Efforts from both MMA Bookings and Larger Than Life Management will result in more bookings for the fighters. This includes fight bookings, sponsorship bookings, commercial and theatrical bookings, and appearances.

About Larger Than Life Management.
Rick Bassman, president of Larger Than Life Management has represented some of the biggest names in MMA, Boxing, Pro Wrestling, such as Tito Ortiz, Manny Pacquaio and Roddy Piper, as well as many of MMA’s on-the-rise stars. LTLM boasts an impressive roster of iconic and established fighters, such as Bob Sapp, Mighty Mo, Butterbean, Justin McCully and Tank Abbott. A new focus of ours is to sign emerging and developing young fighters. With its ever expanding roster of Fighters, LTLM, now in conjunction with MMA Bookings, strives to represent the largest and most diverse talent pool in the industry. This association also offers Fighters possible opportunities outside of the cage and ring, including Commercial, Movie and Television appearances, such as Justin McCully’s recent co-starring appearance on “Cold Case,” Josh Barnett on “The Jay Leno” show and Bob Sapp co-starring in the big screen remake of “Conan.”

The primary focus of the LTLM/MMA Bookings association is to provide a booking service between Fighters and Promoters. We have received many requests for assistance in contract negotiations, and help with athletic commissions. LTLM will provide this service for an industry-standard commission, if requested.

All in all, the service is designed to take the burden off the Fighter, enabling the Fighter to concentrate on the fight itself. Remember, we are not signing you as exclusive clients, we are providing an opportunity to receive more bookings than ever. In fact, we have several managers who have signed up their client roster, to receive additional exposure

WHAT WE OFFER: is a free service designed for you, the Mixed Martial Arts Fighter, to be seen by hundreds of MMA Promoters, Sponsors, Companies & Casting Agencies. MMA Bookings does not take a commission, and we do not charge fees. This is completely free service!

To sign up for free, CLICK HERE. is a free service designed for you, the Mixed Martial Arts Fighter, to be seen by hundreds of MMA Companies & potential sponsors. MMA Bookings does not take a commission, and we do not charge fees. This is completely free service!

Once a fighter has signs up and enters their relevant statistics and information, they will be added the fighter to our rapidly expanding database. Once on the site, any MMA promotion or sponsor can view their profile. From there, MMA promotions and sponsors can contact you directly regarding bookings, appearances or sponsorship.

Several promotions are currently using the site for upcoming events, including events overseas. Thus far we have over 640 fighters, with over 140 fighters that have been contacted by MMA companies worldwide. Several promotions in the US and overseas have used MMA Bookings, and FOX television has used MMA Bookings through a casting agency for one of their featured shows.

We offer a great service for fighters, with limitless exposure & potential booking opportunities, without having to cold-call companies looking for fights and sponsorships. Let us do the work for you! We provide you with an opportunity to focus on training, and branching out to markets outside of your hometown.